Saturday, June 25, 2011

How To Achieve high Pagerank for your Website

There are many small business owners doing ecommerce online who are struggling, trying to increase their top page rank ratings. This is very time consuming and expensive. A lot of ecommerce businesses do not have a budget to allow them to take advantage of link buying, or other endeavors to increase the page rank ratings they need to make the money the big guns do.

How do you build a website from PR0 to PR2?

Here are some helpful hints that will work for you to get a top page rank on Google.

Get a private domain name. This is essential in this business. Be online for a few months. Make sure you change your content regularly, at least once a week. Have at least fifty inbound links that work.

This next step is tricky but not difficult. Have between 50 to 100 plus articles on your site. Submit your website to all of the necessary directories. Begin to link your website in the forums. Become a member of Google’s PayPerClick Program. Google will welcome you with open arms. You invest twenty dollars to join Google’s PPC program once. Done correctly, you will get back this small investment within a few short months.

It is a wonderful idea to make friends with Google. It is the number one search engine right now. Google’s index spiders search the internet, finding sites to rank them against relevance. This takes some time for the spiders to do their job, sometimes up to several months, so have patience because it will take a few months for your site to get indexed.

Google’s spider can become confused if you do not use the correct keywords to optimize your site. Make sure you use the correct keywords and keyword phrases to describe what your website is all about, otherwise those nasty spiders will run and hide. In fact, they may not see your site again for another few months. So get the keywords right and your site reflects those keywords.

A page rank of 5 can be reached by generating at least 10,000 links. This sounds daunting but it is not impossible. When you have 200 pages of content with each page having thirty or more links to other pages, those inside links will generate 6,000. Google’s spider will count the links inside the site because the size of your website is just as important as the links inside of it. This is especially valid when all of your website?s content is alike.

This method will work for you, but you will have to be patient and allow some time to pass. Give it a few months, then begin checking at Google to see where your page rank is. From here, you will have a good idea in a few weeks if it is moving up, or down in page rank. If it is moving down, then you need to tweak your site, or adjust the keywords and keyword phrases.

The competition for page rank in Google is stiff. There are other search engines to use. In order to find out how the other engines page rank, you will need to go to their sites and garner all the information that is available, then look online for tips and tricks to manipulate these engines to your advantage.


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