Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Remote pc access software

1. Download PRORAT 1.9 software for remote pc access.

Password for inner files: pro (Thanks Nalin and Mahdi for your valuable feedback).

2. Now, the unzipped file will contain Prorat.exe file. Run the file on your computer.

3. You will see something like this:

PRORAT 1.9 tutorial installation

4. Now, we have to create a server to send it to remote computer for remote pc access. So, click on Create ->Create Prorat server.

5. Now, you will get something like:

Hack remote computer PRORAT 1.9

6. Go to no-ip.com and register for an account.

7. Now, in Pro connective notification, enter in IP(DNS) address, the link provided to you by no-ip and let all remaining fields remain unchecked.

8. Alongwith using Pro connective notification, you can even use your mail address to confirm about server installation.

9. You can even bind the server with a specific file to prevent victim knowing about the server installation on his computer.

10. To change server default icon, click on "Server icon" on left option pane and select any suitable icon according to binded file.

11. Now, when all things are done, hit on "Create server" and you will get server created in Prorat directory. This server is used for remote pc access.

12. This ends server creation part over here. Just refer Remote pc access tutorial for more information.... the best PRORAT 1.9 tutorial I found.

Now, when you have created PRORAT server, next step is to send this server to victim computer and then use PRORAT 1.9 for remote pc access. I will explain in my next PRORAT tutorial about how to connect to remote PRORAT server on remote victim computer and then use this for remote pc access. If you have any problem in this PRORAT 1.9 tutorial for remote pc access, please mention it in comments section.

Enjoy Prorat 1.9 tutorial for remote pc access software...


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