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How to hack Orkut Account

As I have explained in my previous article How to hack Facebook,Orkut account, Orkut Phishing is one of the most popular methods used to hack orkut account. In this Orkut Phishing scam, the hacker used new concept of "Orkut 3D" to elude the victim to login to his account using phisher. The message was something like this:

Orkut Phishing scam

You can see many of orkut users have got this message (atleast many of my friends).
The link "" at the end of message is leading to an Orkut phisher as explained below. is a url shortener service.

How to prove this is an Orkut Phisher???

As I have said in my article Anti-Phishing measures, this fake page can be proved as Orkut Phisher by looking at:

Anti-Phishing measures

this post, I have posted 4 best anti-phishing tips which I thought are useful to prevent yourself from being phished by any phishing attack.

Anti-phishing softwares

4 Tips to prevent Phishing:

Actually, these tips are nothing but Firefox addons which your Firefox browser must have. These 4 anti-phishing addons are really very useful in taking down any phishing attack. So, lets start.

1. Secure Login:

Well, whenever I'll talk about anti-phishing addons, it will be Secure Login that will occupy topmost position. Why??? Pretty simple. With Secure Login, you don't need to enter any password or login information. Go to any login page and hit on Secure Login icon. That's it. Secure Login will do the work of filling the login information and thus, you can see your account control panel.

Now, how Secure Login secures you from Phishing??? Secure Login remembers the url of the login page and its corresponding login credential. If the page url matches exactly, then only it is gonna enter login information. Otherwise, it shows "No login data found for this page". Thus even if hacker uses very matching url (though not exactly same) which can be tempting for us, its not tempting for Secure Login.

Whenever you visit a phisher, secure login will show "No login data found for this page" alerting you that the current page is phisher.

Anti-phishing addons for firefox

2. Search Status:

This one is actually used as SEO extension by many webmasters, but Search Status can be used as anti-phishing addon. Search status shows Google Pagerank and also Alexa rank by residing in your browser toolbar as shown in above image (just adjacent to Help). Naturally, the original genuine login page is bound to have very high Pagerank and Alexa rank. But, since, most phishers are hosted on free hosting services, they certainly have very less or mostly nil pagerank. This difference in Pagerank and Alexa rank surely helps in ensuring safety.

3. Web Of Trust (WOT):

WOT helps us in filtering potentially malicious websites by marking the links to webpages in 3 different colours: Green, Yellow and Red. Red mark indicates the site is most probable to contain malicious content. Thus, helping us to be safe.

4. Formfox:

I really liked the logic behind this addon. Formfox displays the form action (the site to which the information you've entered is being sent). So, next time you enter login information, simply hover your mouse on Login button and you will find Formfox showing the link to which your login information will be sent. So, you can detect phishers before hitting on Login button.

Note the difference in destination for Phisher page. This can be used to detect phishers and thus ensure your safety from such phishers.

- Page Url
- Pagerank(Search Status) and
- Using Formfox firefox addon.
I have written about Url and Formfox, because that much is sufficient.

Check out the Url:

How to hack Orkut account password

And as the Firefox addon Formfox reports, this "Login" button is leading to "next.php" file located on So, this is another proof of the page being a Phishing scam to hack Orkut account password.

So, no doubt, this is a phishing scam. Viralhosts is a free web hosting company where this Orkut phisher is hosted. Seems, this account will be suspended soon. Till then, you guys be cautious about such Orkut Phishing scams which are intended to hack Orkut account password. If you have encountered any such phishing scam to hack Orkut account password, please share it with us in comments.

Enjoy hacking with Techotoys...


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